Is Alternative Energy an Alternative?

Use of the phrase ‘Alternative Energy’

Alternative means a selection which precludes another possibility. The alternative to buying electricity is producing it yourself. But does it need to be like that? No, actually most systems are combined and complementing each other.

The phrase ‘alternative energy’ was probably coined in the 70’s as an answer to the oil crisis and to indicate there was a ‘green world’ out there. There is a better place. For sure there is. Use of solar power definitely is better than burning gas; today there’s no doubt about this. But it’s not so alternative, flower-power and weird to use solar power today than it was.

It has actually become a good reliable and affordable investment for many persons. And maybe you’re one of them?

Tájékoztatjuk, hogy a honlap felhasználói élmény fokozásának érdekében sütiket alkalmazunk. A honlapunk használatával ön hozzájárul ehhez.