Family solar panel system

solar system installation

The system connected to the grid is a state-of-the-art solution which can cover the entire annual power consumption, as the weather-dependant electricity production is balanced by the electricity grid. The electricity generated by the solar panels is transformed by an inverter into electricity used in traditional households. When the system produces more than what it is used, the surplus is fed into the electricity grid. In periods when it does not produce the necessary energy, the balance is consumed from the grid in the usual manner. Metering is done by a bidirectional meter.

Who can become a family solar panel system investor?

The size of the household-size micro power plants and their method of network connection are regulated, so individuals and companies can also establish such production capacities. Typically, a family-sized solar panel system falls into the category of household-size micro power plants, as its capacity does not exceed the value available to the consumers or 50 kW as the maximum and the user is connected to the low voltage network.

If the proposed system has a capacity above 50 kW, you can connect to the grid of your electricity supplier, but it should be reasonable to consume what you produce because your supplier is not obliged to take over the extra production. It is advisable to negotiate with both the network operator and the electricity trader, and ask for a written statement in the planning phase of the project..

Family solar panel system solutions

The system package contains, in addition to the solar panels and the corresponding inverter, all the components of an average system (fixing elements, wiring, surge protection, etc.). The package also includes the planning, licensing, installation and commissioning costs, but does not include any possible fees and duties to be paid to the electricity supplier!

System Redeemable
electricity bill*  
Examples of electrical equipment
used in the household
No. of solar   
roof surface
2kw solar system 6 500 HUF Refrigerator
Washing machine (used once a week)
Dishwasher (used twice a week)
8 pcs 14 m2
3kw solar system 10 000 HUF Refrigerator
Microwave oven
Washing machine (used 3 times a week)
Dishwasher (used 5 times a week)
Consumer electronics
Low capacity air-conditioner
12 pcs 21 m2
4kw solar system 14 000 HUF Refrigerator
Electric cooker
Microwave oven
Washing machine, dishwaser (used 5 times a week)
Consumer electronics
High capacity air-conditioner
16 pcs 27 m2
5kw solar system 17 500 HUF Refrigerator
Electric cooker
Microwave oven
Washing machine, dishwasher, dryer
(used 5 times a week)
Consumer electronics
High capacity air-conditioner
20 pcs 34 m2
* Average monthly electricity bill, based on the household rates in force on 1 March 2014 (category A1).
2-year maintenance and supervision

These factors can affect the price of the packages: off-grid system (not grid), installation on several roofs; roof inclination of less than 15 degrees (including flat roofs) or more than 45 degrees; the roof covering is different from commonest roofing materials used in Hungary; the grid connection is in another building; buildings higher than 1.5 levels; earthing is required. In these cases, the client is advised of the extra costs prior to shipment.

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