Multiannual supervision

Multiannual supervision

If required, Gershoj Energia monitors the production data of the system online with its specialists (if the system is connected to the Internet), and checks whether the micro power plant is running properly. Periodically, we inspect the optimum operation of the system on-site. Via the Internet, you will be able to share the electricity production data and experience with friends and other micro power plant owners.

Periodic inspection and monitoring

We regularly inspect and monitor the solar panel system, as we want to make sure it is working properly.

Day 30  Telephone call
Day 180  Telephone call
Year 1  On-site inspection
Year  2  On-site inspection

Maintenance and guarantees

It is difficult to find a solar panel system in Hungary which has decades of operating hours, however, European experience shows that the following operational activities should be performed:
• Regular cleaning of the surface of the modules to remove any settled dust and other contaminants
• Annual review of the electrical connection points
• Internal cleaning of the inverter every couple of years and inspection of the moving parts (cooling fans)
• Functional control of security equipment

Buying the solar panel system is a long-term investment. The lifespan of the solar panel exceeds 30 years. Regardless of size, the solar panel system consists of the following components: solar panel modules, inverter(s), electrical equipment (wiring, circuit breaker and isolating equipment, protective devices), mechanical equipment (installation and, optionally, rotating devices).

Generally, two types of guarantee apply to the modules: the manufacturer’s product guarantee, which typically ranges from 5-10 years, and a so-called performance guarantee, which guarantees the performance of solar panels even after the given period of time. For example, 80% after 25 years.

The manufacturer usually undertakes a 5-year guarantee for the inverter. In some cases, it may be extended for an additional fee. Due to the technology, its life cycle is shorter than that of the solar panel modules.
The installer of the power plant undertakes a guarantee of generally 1 or 2 years for the electrical and mechanical assemblies and the implementation.

In case of equipment of the manufacture and type previously indicated, the distributor reserves the right to change them for equipment of the same output and quality owing to any potential purchasing difficulty or price fluctuations.
Our goal is to keep our customers satisfied and make them confident their quality solar panel system will operate reliably for years.


If the system is considered an investment, a 7-8% annual return can be achieved, all at very low risk.

The general idea that increasing overall output decreases the specific investment cost by kW is also true for solar panel systems.

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