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Is Solar an option for your business?

vállalat napelem rendszer

Is Solar
an option for your business?

The price of commercial electricity is rising and the cost of a PV system is falling, making solar energy a sustainable and cost-effective alternative for the commercial sector.

Although the use of solar energy is already considered essential by large multinationals, the majority of small and medium-sized enterprises have not yet started to move towards renewable energy.

Is Solar an Option for Your Company?

Here are 5 reasons why the answer is probably yes:


The biggest regulations in recent years have been on emissions.

The extra cost of regulation will be passed on to the consumer in all areas. The automotive industry is already feeling this. And electricity is essential regardless of the industry.

However, a company that generates most of its energy needs with a PV system will be completely independent of changing service provider prices.

The PV system is therefore also an investment in a stable future.

Install a PV system if you want to be independent of commercial electricity prices!


The price of a PV system may seem relatively high, which raises the issue of long payback period.

But the good news is:

So a PV investment can make a profit for 30 years.

Therefore, operating a PV system is reminiscent of stable-yield bonds in terms of investment.

Taking all these factors into account, the economic analysis of MDPI published in 2019 came to the conclusion that the discounted payback period of an average solar cell system is expected to be between 7 and 9 years under domestic conditions.

Payback period

If you are looking for a secure investment, a PV system will be a great choice!


The European Union has regular subsidies and tenders for the installation of a PV system. Even industry-focused. Non-refundable grants further shorten the payback period by reducing the cost of acquisition.

With the help of Gershoj Energia’s application writing partner, we will prepare the complete application and compile the related documentation. We manage the funding process and undertake the full administration and follow-up of the winning application.

Cost reduction

The primary motivation for installing a PV system is usually to reduce your electricity bill. However, the amount of energy that can be generated by the system varies depending on the size of the company and the industry.

Cost savings are guaranteed if the system works properly. It is based on engineering design and yield calculation.

If it is important for you to reduce fixed costs you should install a solar panel system!


The use of renewable energy reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution. By using a PV system, any business can express its involvement in the fight against global warming and reduce the country’s dependence on foreign sources.

Environmentally conscious operation not only reduces fixed costs, but also serves as a great PR and marketing tool. This image can generate useful and positive feedback from consumers and employees for any company.

So is it worth installing a PV system?

Great return on investment, secure operation, subsidies.
Based on these, all types of businesses are able to take full advantage of solar energy.

Request a quote today on our solar calculator!

Solar Calculator

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About us

Gershoj Energia Kft. Is a Danish-owned company established in Tata, Komárom-Esztergom County. Since 2008, we have specialized in turnkey installation of PV systems.

In our work, we keep in mind the precision of the Danes, the clarity of the essence and the uncompromising quality. We consider it important that our solar systems are not only prestigious investments, but also precision systems that provide real returns.

Our goal is to be able to provide the benefits of a solar system tailored to the needs of our customers: a stable and guaranteed return, production tailored to your energy consumption, a safe life and a maximized return.


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