Solar panel installation factors

An accredited solar installer will make sure that solar panels are positioned on your roof for maximum efficiency, safety and correctly wired to the inverter.

Orientation and tilting

The basic condition of operating a solar equipment is to have the Sun shining on it.
It’s important to place the solar equipment so it gets most sun possible, during the full path of the sun. We recommend the angle of your absorber area to be close to 45 degrees. This will optimize the weaker ends of the season.
More information can be found in Solar Position menu.


PV panels should not be placed in shaded areas and should be kept free from dust and dirt. Shading from object such as trees, roof ventilators or antennas will have a large impact on the output of a panel, as it changes the flow of electricity through the panel.

Choosing a solar installer

A solar power system can be installed only by an accredited installer.

The accreditation scheme ensures that designers and installers of solar PV power systems:

• have undertaken the necessary training
• follow industry best practice
• adhere to Hungarian standards
• regularly update their skills and product knowledge

An accredited designer or installer will provide you with a solar power system design and specification that includes consideration of your current electricity loads, the type of panels and inverter to be used and panel orientation.


The following information is required in order to give you a complete quotation that fits to your own needs:

• name of service provider
• address of installation
• monthly average electricity consumption
• orientation of the building
• type and tilting of roof
• location of grid connection
• degree of possible shading (i.e. trees)
• other measurements

The final quotation and accompanying terms and conditions should include:

• an average daily electricity output estimation in kilowatt hours
• an estimated annual production figure
• estimated output during the most and least favourable months
• the responsibilities of the installer and customer including payment terms
• warranty and guarantee details, including compulsory information required
• name of person responsible for panel installation, meter-change and system activation

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