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Why have your solar power system designed and installed by Gershoj Energia Kft.?

…because we have 10 years of experience

Gershoj Energia Kft. specialises in the design and installation of solar panels. Our company has impressive references and substantial experience, and we have a ten-year history of building solar panel systems for private houses, businesses and municipal buildings.

… because our accurate planning guarantees solar panels with maximum capacity

By means of on-site surveys, reliable design programs and equipment specially developed by us, we at Gershoj Energia Kft. know how to achieve maximum energy production for the smallest investment every time. On-site surveys are essential for accurate planning, since even a tree, a neighbouring building or the building orientation can have a substantial impact on generation capacity.

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Reduce or eliminate your electricity bills with the help of the solar power system. We are happy to help you decide how big a system you need! Please enter a few details in order to obtain a result.

Gershoj Energy Economic Conference 2019

With the launch of the Gershoj Energy Economic Conference we are aiming to establish a regular event that provides interesting and stimulating information about the economy and the world of business, and that supports businesses to grow and to gain a deeper understanding of market relations.

150 kW Solar System Setup in Hugary

Our company has earned Bisnode AA certification!

What makes Gershoj Energia Kft. trustworthy?

It can’t be easy deciding which of the companies on the market you should choose to install your solar panel system.

During our 10 years of operation, we have earned Bisnode AA silver certification, confirming that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with Gershoj Energia Kft. has been very low for the third year in a row.

Only 1.75% of companies on the Hungarian market are entitled to this Bisnode certification, which confirms excellent creditworthiness.

You can put your trust in us!

Gershoj Energia introduces the mobile solar location analysis roof vehicle

Using innovative technology, Gershoj Energia Kft., as a market leader in solar power system installation in Hungary, introduces Mobile Solar Location Analysis. “As a company that installs solar power systems, we are continuously researching and using the best materials available on the market. We also ensure that these materials are incorporated in the systems and provide optimal performance. In implementing our projects, we apply the LEAN principles. In order to optimise the positioning of solar panels, we developed a ’crawler’, which was easier to describe over a year ago than it was to turn into reality later”, said Jan Gershoj, the Danish founder of Gershoj Energia Kft.

Why should you switch to solar panels?
Why carry out an on-site survey?

Installing a solar panel system without an on-site survey is hugely risky for both the investor and the installation company. If you receive a quote that has been put together without an examination of the installation site, you can expect the final quote to be slightly, or even significantly, different. This isn’t an error, it’s inevitable.

That is why we at Gershoj Energia Kft. insist on visiting the location of the solar panel system planned by customers who have contacted us.


What becomes clear during this kind of survey?

Solar panels – the Green route – Request for an immediate quotation
Call us today on +36 30 894 6152 and talk to one of our solar power experts. We are delighted to be of service, and you can obtain information with no commitment. Upon request, we provide a free solar panel system consultation and online survey.

Why Gershoj Energia?

Types of solar systems
There are two main types of solar power system based on whether they are connected to the grid or not.
The grid connect installation ensures you have the electricity you need, whenever you need it – automatically and regardless of weather conditions.
An off grid solar power system is completely separated from mains power and is more expensive as it utilizes a battery bank for storing electricity generated by solar panels. Off grid installations are most common in rural of Hungary where the mains grid isn’t available or prohibitively expensive to connect to. It also requires maintenance, as the batteries have to be replaced in every 5-6 years.

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