Planning and optimising solar panels

Planning and optimising PV Systems

Based on the on-site evaluation, we will start calculating the expected performance of the planned system. We use industry-leading design software and global standard models to achieve the most efficient operation.

Our analysis provides an easy-to-understand insight into the complexity of your future system before construction begins.

In this way, it helps you make cost-effective, reliable, fact-based and informed decisions.


We design a visual on the images taken during the evaluation, so you can see your PV system in real dimensions on your own roof or in your industrial area. The precise design also gives the right number and optimal position of the panels.


Tailored planning

By measuring the energy consumption according to the consumer profile and simulating the PV system set up by the design, we can calculate the data of your ideal annual production.

The planned return and performance analysis is not only part of the turnkey solution, but also as a separate service if required.


We are committed to quality work. Excellently designed PV systems increase the expected yield over the entire life of the system and reduce the cost per kWh. Your long-term investment should work just as reliably for years to come.

To ensure this, we perform continuous online monitoring to provide up-to-date data on the detailed performance of your system and guarantee the safety of your return.

Measuring the performance of existing systems

Our state-of-the-art instruments are also suitable for measuring the efficiency of household and power plant solar systems, whether it is testing, maintaining or reviewing a new system. We recommend this to those who want to find out about the efficiency of an already installed solar system.

It shows the ideal and real yield of the solar system from the moment of installation, with a report that complies with European standards.

As the only one in the country, 1500V DC side measurement is only possible with us!

Maximize the life time of your system: Design, Quality and Durability matters.

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