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Our goal is to provide both the environmental benefits and financial advantages of solar panel systems that are customised to the needs of private and corporate partners.

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Return on investment

Calculation of individual returns and returns based on planned consumption for 30 years with online monitoring.

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Custom design

Visualization and shadow measurement tailored to your personal requirements and area features.

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Complete construction insurance by a team of specialized solar panels installers.

Specializing in solar cell systems

We are proud of the fact that high-energy operators such as the Komárom-Esztergom County Government Office or the Győr Police Department have been entrusted with our expert work.

With our work, we guarantee the basis of high-quality and barrier-free production, that is, to ensure return on investment. On the basis of the MDPI economic analysis, the discounted payback period of an average solar cell system is expected to be 7-9 years in domestic conditions.

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Why Gershoy Energy?

Our goal is for our clients to leave with satisfaction and to make sure that their quality solar cell system continues to function reliably over the years.

Gershoj Energy Economic Conference

Gershoj Energia Gazdasági Konferencia

Date and place of the event: September 26, 2019, Ecotourism Center.

The Gershoy Energy Economic Conference is a private event that provides interesting and thoughtful information about the business and business world to help grow businesses and gain a deeper understanding of market conditions.

Calculate the unique size of your company's solar system!

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