Construction insurance

Providing expert services is the foundation of our corporate culture, be it in engineering design, on-site construction or communication with the customer. We are committed to continuous improvement, as this is the only way we can achieve real and maximized returns through our work. We believe in the durability of quality work, so we boldly undertake 5 years of full construction insurance for all our installations!

We choose in this approach the solar panels for our work, which are mainly Tier 1 rated German and Far Eastern brands. The top 2% of solar manufacturers are in the Tier 1 rating, and companies that have been producing continuously for at least 5 years are listed on a public stock exchange and have fully automated production and a high level of vertical integration. The guarantees of the quality panels also last longer, so all the important elements of our customers’ system are provided from the factory.

We also provide the opportunity to monitor the proper quality of production, so we can see up-to-date data on the operation of the solar cell system online and rectify any failures in a timely manner.

Your benefit is in our interest too!

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