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We have created the two-step solar system calculator (for both individuals and companies) to help you get started with the basic data for your future solar system. The application is free of charge!

First, you need to enter your average monthly electricity consumption(electricity bill) by moving the blue ball on a simple slider. These will give you an estimate of the most important data related to the future solar system, such as the size of the system (kW), the number of solar panels required, the size of the inverter (kW), the roof surface area required or the amount of Co2 not emitted by the system.

Please enter your personal details after the request for a quote. An estimate of the size and price of the system will be sent to the email address you provide and you will be contacted later. The indicative offer does not include the final price, for a concrete offer we consider a personal on-site survey absolutely necessary to evaluate the most accurate data.

We pay special attention to current calls for proposals, so you can easily find out about funding opportunities. Next to our indicative offer we also show our current discounts! If you cannot find the email, please also check your spam folder.

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