In addition to our professional measurement and design service, we consider it essential to use only quality and qualified products with an appropriate warranty background, which we have already been able to ascertain from our experience.

We mostly recommend products from Tier 1 rated solar panel manufacturers, which are in the top 2% of the industry.

Manufacturers who:

  • they have been producing continuously for at least 5 years
  • they are listed on a public stock exchange or have a strong and stable balance sheet
  • has fully automated manufacturing and a high level of vertical integration
  • they make significant investments in brand marketing

Based on these, certified companies need to have

  • better manufacturing processes that reduce the possibility of defective products
  • they must undergo a higher level of control protocol that guarantees more careful product quality control
  • they offer a higher warranty on their products and pay more attention to resolving any complaints

We are not the exclusive distributor of any manufacturer, so we have the flexibility to manage sourcing, but only from a list authorized by EON. We are happy to comment on any product you suggest.

Solar panels

Trina Solar napelem

Trina Solar

25 year linear power warranty
Half cell design for higher efficiency
Qualified compliance against environmental impacts
Ultra-thin busbars

Trina Solar napelem

Solarwatt Glass-glass

30 years of performance and product warranty
High performance PERC solar cells
Glass-glass protection against all weather effects and mechanical stress

Axitec Solar napelem

Axitec Solar

25 year factory warranty on 85% of rated power
German product quality
Outstanding stability thanks to AXITEC-Soft-Grip-Seam aluminum frame


Solaredge 1fázisú inverter

SolarEdge single-phase inverter with HD-Wave technology

12-25 years warranty
Record efficiency (99.2%)
Setting up from a smartphone
Developed specifically for performance optimizers

Solaredge 3fázisú inverter

SolarEdge three-phase inverter

12-25 years warranty
High efficiency (98%)
Integrated module level management
Low noise, no external fan

Fronius Galvo inverter

Fronius Galvo

5 or 7 year warranty
Regulated air cooling
Integrated data communication
Subsequent provision of additional functions with expansion card technology

Fronius Symo inverter

Fronius Symo

5 or 7 year warranty
Dynamic feed management
Flexible equipment thanks to Superflex design
The most communicative tool available on the market

Fronius Primo inverter

Fronius Primo

5 or 7 year warranty
Dynamic Peak Performance Manager
SnapINverter mounting system for the easiest installation
Optimized energy management

Fronius Eco inverter

Fronius Eco

5 or 7 year warranty
Integrated all-pole string securing sockets
Optional DC fuse
Protection class IP 66

Support structure

K2 Tartoszerkezet

K2 system

For all roof structures
Unique stainless steel hooks and rails

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