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Invest in the future of your company with solar power system!

Are you looking for a safe, sustainable and reliable investment opportunity? What could be more reliable than the sun?!

In addition, as an owner of renewable energy, it also contributes to reducing the carbon footprint.

Solar investment is very useful for our social responsibility, so let’s look at the financing side now.

The most common question for those facing an investment is the change in the price of a solar cell system. This is understandable.

Between 2009 and 2015, the prices of solar modules decreased by 80% due to the growing customer market caused by oversupply and the reduced material costs caused by improving production processes. Solar energy has become cheaper than coal and natural gas in many markets.

Capacities built after 2015 and economies of scale have slowed this trend, with production rising to more sustainable levels. In recent years, price developments have become increasingly modest and appear to have reached an appropriate level of supply-demand. Meanwhile, the conversion efficiency and manufacturing process of the modules have improved, so they can produce more energy at a cheaper production cost.

Development of average solar panel prices in 2009-2014:


So it is not worth waiting any longer for the investment.

Let’s see the payback then.

It is worth taking a discounted payback period (DPP) to find out how long the present value of the future returns on the investment (energy production of the system) will reach the value of the expense (the price of the system).
A simple division is not enough, as the result is affected by the orientation and angle of the roof, the system designed for the level of energy consumed, the quality and natural depreciation of the panels, any subsidies used, and variables such as electricity prices or inflation rate.

Price of non-household electricity:


Based on economic analyzes, the discounted payback period of an average solar system under domestic conditions is expected to be between 7 and 9 years.

In addition, the payback time can be further reduced by using subsidies and applications.

As quality solar panels have a lifespan of more than 40 years, a PV investment can generate a steady profit for 30 years. The maintenance, upkeep and depreciation costs are negligible compared to the costof the system. Therefore, operating a PV system is reminiscent of stable-yield bonds in terms of investment.

To achieve this, however, an expert and reliable company working with quality products is essential.

That’s why we work mainly with German-made SolarWatt solar panels with a 30-year performance guarantee and Solar Edge “smart” inverters with a 12-year factory warranty!

That’s why we work with unique analysis and modeling programs, take on-site surveys and do online tracking!

That’s why we’re proud of our “AA” rated Bisnode certification, which indicates that the financial risk of establishing a business relationship with us is very low!

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