Gershoj Energia introduces the mobile solar location analysis roof vehicle

solar power system installation in Hungary, introduces Mobile Solar Location Analysis. “As a company that installs solar power systems, we are continuously researching and using the best materials available on the market. We also ensure that these materials are incorporated in the systems and provide optimal performance. In implementing our projects, we apply the LEAN principles. In order to optimise the positioning of solar panels, we developed a ’crawler’, which was easier to describe over a year ago than it was to turn into reality later”, said Jan Gershoj, the Danish founder of Gershoj Energia Kft.

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Types of solar systems

There are two main types of solar power system based on whether they are connected to the grid or not.
The grid connect installation ensures you have the electricity you need, whenever you need it – automatically and regardless of weather conditions.
An off grid solar power system is completely separated from mains power and is more expensive as it utilizes a battery bank for storing electricity generated by solar panels. Off grid installations are most common in rural of Hungary where the mains grid isn’t available or prohibitively expensive to connect to. It also requires maintenance, as the batteries have to be replaced in every 5-6 years.

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