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PV Systems are always treated as your investment, with an individual yield and return calculation.

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To ensure our commitment to quality, we undertake full construction insurance using warranty products.

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We manage all the processes from administration to installation with constant customer service and monitoring system.

This is how we work!

Follow the steps of our work from design to execution and beyond.

Everything you need to know about Solar Power Systems

Gershoj Energia presents the first domestic expert PV System podcast channel. Expert answers to the questions of those who are about to invest in a PV System or who already have a ready System!
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Why is an on-site survey important?

Installing a PV System without an on-site survey is a major risk for both the investor and the installation company.

If you receive a quote that is made without examining the location of the installation, expect that the final price of the system will change even greatly.

Real opinions

Any company can say they work as an expert.

However, this is what our customers think of us!

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Why Gershoj Energy?

"Our goal is for our clients to leave with satisfaction and to make sure that their quality PV System continues to function reliably over the years."

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