Solar Position

Types of solar systems

There are two main types of solar power systems based on whether they are connected to the grid – or not.

The grid-connected installation ensures you have the electricity you need, whenever you need it – automatically and regardless of weather conditions.

An off-grid solar power system is completely separated from mains power and is more expensive as it utilizes a battery bank for storing electricity generated by the solar panels. Off-grid installations are most common in rural areas of Hungary where the mains grid isn’t available or it is prohibitively expensive to connect to.

Where to place your solar system?

Place yourself exactly where the solar panels should be and bring a compass to get oriented exactly towards South. This is where you want your equipment to point. It’s important your head is in the same level as the absorber area, the solar panels. Hereafter turn your head and use below map to see if there are obstacles in the full path of the sun. The fewer obstacles, the more efficient your system will be working.

We recommend the angle of your absorber area to be close to 45 degrees. This will optimize the weaker ends of the season.

Hungary’s latitude is 47° 00′ N, above path is based on 45° 00′.

Each vertical line represents the time of the day. Placing your mousecursor within the graphic will show the month and the exact altitude and azimuth angle.
On the left axis the solar altitude angle while on the right axis the optimal angle of your solar equipment is indicated.

Click on the clock to stop/start the path of the sun, or click on the specific month in the top, which you would like to see.

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