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Why carry out an on-site survey?

Installing a solar power system without an on-site survey is hugely risky for both the investor and the installation company. If you receive a quote that has been put together without an examination of the installation site, you can expect the final quote to be slightly, or even significantly, different. This isn’t an error, it’s inevitable.

That is why we at Gershoj Energia Kft. insist on visiting the location of the solar power system planned by customers who have contacted us.

What becomes clear during this kind of survey?

  • Whether your rooftop is suitable for the installation of solar panels. What kind of roofing material has been used, is the pitch optimal, or will a support structure be needed?
  • Whether there are any shadow-casting elements (dog kennels, large trees) that may affect solar panel performance.
  • Whether a fire protection switch needs to be incorporated into the system. This is very important from a safety perspective, not to mention that it may represent a significant proportion of system costs, which makes it very important to clarify whether or not it is required.
  • Whether network expansion is required based on the phase capacity of the building. Clarifying the ‘phase situation’ in advance makes it possible to define the type of inverter and can save time during the permitting process (the decision as to whether or not network expansion is required is made in advance, not during the authorisation procedure, which would lead to delays in the granting of authorisation).
  • The optimal location for the inverter. The device that converts the DC current into AC current should operate in a place that is protected from water, and should be prevented from overheating.

Our company uses state-of-the-art technologies to carry out the necessary measurements at your house. Based on these measurements, we model the performance of the system once installed on the roof surface in what is defined as the optimal position, analysing the impact of shading elements on generating capacity:

Solar power system installation in Hungary, introduces Mobile Solar Location Analysis.

“As a company that installs solar power systems, we are continuously researching and using the best materials available on the market. We also ensure that these materials are incorporated in the systems and provide optimal performance. In implementing our projects, we apply the LEAN principles. In order to optimise the positioning of solar panels, we developed a ’crawler’, which was easier to describe over a year ago than it was to turn into reality later”, said Jan Gershoj, the Danish founder of Gershoj Energia Kft.

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